What is Village East Gifted (VEG)?

Village East Gifted, established in 2007, offers a highly-creative, academically-rigorous curriculum, in all subjects, exclusively for gifted students or those performing above grade level, ages 4-15.

Most supplemental education franchises are only offered after school for remedial students or those who want to improve their academic performance in school. Village East Gifted offers advanced studies for gifted students during the day, after school, and on weekends.

Village East Gifted franchises have entered a market at a perfect time. They are an integral part of the U.S. supplemental education market which is now in the top 200 fastest-growing franchises on the planet. And this trend is projected to grow 51%… (a total value of $2.04 billion in revenues) by 2026.

Why Should I Own a VEG Franchise?

What are the benefits?

  • At present, there are no franchises specifically for gifted students offering advanced instruction in all subjects.
  • Education franchises are often considered recession-resistant, as parents will almost always invest in their children. (1851franchise.com)
  • VEG has low start-up costs, overhead, and royalty fees.
  • Students don’t “come and go”… they stay for many years.
  • All our reviews are five stars from both the parents and students.

What are my franchise options?

OPTION 1: Basic Model (1100 sq ft)

OPTION 2: Enhanced Model (2000 sq ft)

ADD ON: Additional revenue streams can be produced with our In-School Program (using an existing classroom in a public or private school).

7 Easy Steps to Get Started

What is our mission?

To Offer Academically Rigorous Lessons in Exciting and Entertaining Ways

To Endorse The Importance Of Writing Proficiency

To Adapt The Curriculum According To Each Student’s Intellectual Abilities

To Make Every Class Challenging, Engaging And… Irresistible

Our Facilities

Our learning environment is far from an ordinary classroom setting. It is beautiful, simple and with vibrant colors. The walls are covered with student-created or local art that transmits positive energy and a genuine appreciation for creative minds.

Our Training

Village East Gifted franchisee and teacher training program are the best in the industry.

Its team of highly-seasoned, outstanding educators conducts the training implementing the same Village East Gifted Proprietary teaching methodologies that are used in our classrooms.

What You’ll Need…


Liquid Capital  Required
$75k minimum


Total Investment
$115K – $160K


Franchise Fee: $24,900
Royalty: 8.5%
Brand Development Fund: 1%


Franchise Term
5 Years with 5-Year Renewal

Only Five-Star Reviews From Every Client…

“This has been by far one of the best decisions/investments we’ve made for him. VEG is making a profound impact in my child’s future academic success and that to me is priceless!”


“We travel 2 hours in one direction just to get to VEG, but it’s more than worth it! Finding this enrichment program for my son was the best thing for his education so far.” 


“My husband and I always joke that I have to bring my crowbar to pry her out of the classroom when I pick her up. Village East is one of a kind.” 


“There aren’t enough resources for gifted children in general. Once you start at VEG, you’ll realize it’s a Gold Mine!!! Our daughter has been with VEG for nearly seven years.”


“My son left his first class beaming with happiness and excitement as he still does to this day, five years later. It’s not a “sit and listen” kind of this program. It’s “get up and do.”


“There is no other program I would consider. My daughter began VEG as a toddler and is now entering 6th grade. “VEG’s ingenious curriculum epitomizes “outside the box” education. She is thriving academically and continues to impress her teachers with the knowledge she has learned.” 


“We have worked with other programs in the past, but this is the best of the best. My daughter has been going to VEG for the past three years and it has been an incredible program.”


“The fact that graduates of the program score in the top percentile on the SAT and are accepted to the finest universities is only the icing on the cake. What truly makes Village East so incredible is how the children feel about themselves.” 


“If I had to go up to space, I would be sure to bring a monitor with me so I could keep taking classes at VEG.” This comment from my 8-year-old son shows how excited he is about his Village East Gifted classes.” 


A message from Village East Gifted

Enriching Gifted Students Every Day… in Every Way.

Dear Prospective Partners,

After twelve years of college and teaching in schools throughout the northeast, I decided to start this business with six students… in my living room. Sixteen years later, with locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, Village East Gifted (VEG) has become the “dream destination” for thousands of gifted children.

Unlike other educational franchises, we specialize in advanced studies rather than remedial tutoring.

VEG students don’t come and go. Most enter our doors as toddlers and stay until they get into the Ivy League colleges of their choice. 

Why? We have hundreds of lessons so students will never have the same one twice… even after ten years. The centers are beautiful… emanating a feeling of creativity and levity. Our staff of teachers love working at VEG because the students would rather be here than anywhere else. All our reviews have “five stars” from the parents and their children.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Our franchisee training program is the best in the industry because we use the same “magical” Proprietary methodologies that are used to teach our students. 

We are by your side every step of the way… from helping to select your location and prepare for your Grand Opening through continuous teacher and staff support guiding you in all aspects of your business.

Come join our unique and rewarding franchise serving thousands of customers that are sorely in need of your services.

Personally, I will ensure that your franchise operates exactly the way it should… efficiently, profitably, and with an appreciation for our gifted leaders of the future.

Ready when you are…

Tobi Phillips, Ed. D.(cert.)
Founder, Village East Gifted 

Have questions about Village East Gifted Franchise?

Review and complete the Inquiry Form and one of our franchise consultants will reach out to you and answer any questions you may have.

What is the initial franchise fee to open our first location?

An initial franchise fee of $24,900 is required.

What is the royalty?

The royalty is 8.5% of gross sales.

What are the required advertising expenditures?

A local advertising expenditure of 2% is required and you are required to contribute 1% to the Village East Gifted  Brand Development Fund.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The term of the agreement is five years with renewal terms of five years each.

What are my franchise options?
  • Basic Model: $115,438 — $152,103
  • Enhanced Model: $121,438 — $160,103
Who is responsible for finding the location?

As the franchisee, you will be responsible for finding and developing the franchise location. VEG will support you by providing an expert third-party commercial broker to assist you with finding a location, as well as submitting your site package to the company for acceptance review.

How long is the training?

Once your Village East Gifted location is operating, the training is 5-7 days.

Once you have completed the training prior to opening, you will receive feedback and/or recommendations, as needed, regarding classroom instruction, curriculum implementation, management procedures, staff employment and new client intake.

What licenses and/or permits are required?

VEG will assist you in acquiring the necessary permits and licenses you may need to open and operate your franchise. It may vary by city and state. VEG will guide you to the proper resources necessary to comply with local regulations.

Can I open multiple locations? Is there a discount?

Yes! We always welcome multi-unit franchisees. If you open two or more units, you’ll receive a discount.

Will I receive continuing franchise development and operational guidance?

Absolutely. As a member of our franchise family, you will receive curriculum updates, when available, and marketing guidance on a continuous basis.

Ready to begin your new business journey?